Our servers retry connecting to your email server automatically every 1-2 hours.  First verify that we are forwarding messages to your server at the correct destination by following the steps below:

  1. Login to your account at: www.mxsave.com
  2. Click on the configure (gears icon) next to the domain.
  3. Click on the '+' icon next to 'Mail Server Settings'.
  4. Verify the hostname or IP address is the correct destination to forward the spooled email messages.  If not update it and our systems should resend to this new address within 1-2 hours.

If you have followed the instructions above and the issue is not resolved, messages being stuck in the queue is a common problem that is almost always caused by your firewall or spam filters rate & connection limiting features. To address this we ask that you not subject our IP range to your rate & connection limiting. We still ask that you scan our e-mails for spam.

Our IP range is as follows:


This means that each IP address above not be subjected to your firewall or spam filters rate & connection limiting feature.


Once you make this change you should start seeing mail flow in within a couple of hours.  If you do not see email start to flow in you will need to analyze the logs on your server/firewall/anti-spam device and see what might be causing the issue.  Then take corrective action on your end to alleviate the issue and wait 1-2 hours to see if that addresses the problem and emails start flowing in.  If not you will have to continue this until the issue is resolved on your side.  

To help you diagnose the issue, you can also look at the logging reports from our outbound servers to see what error message we might be receiving back from your server.  To do so login as the administrator to your account then follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on 'Reporting' at the top of the page.
  2. Choose a domain and for the report type select 'Outbound'.
  3. Fill out the rest of the form with the date range and timezone and click 'Run'.
  4. In the status column of the reports you will see the message we receive back from your server when trying to forward spooled messages to it.